Masters Thesis for ITP NYU 2017

K.W.E.E.N. is a line of wearable technology accessories for drag queens and other performers of femininity. The pieces that comprise K.W.E.E.N. confer upon the wearer performative superpowers, giving her unparalleled control over her appearance and the very spaces she commands.

Two elements feature in the first manifestation of K.W.E.E.N. - a thermochromic wig and a set of conductive acrylic nails. The wig is treated with thermochromic ink, which changes color when warmed by carbon fiber heating elements embedded within a braid. The nails grant the wearer eight different triggers by touching each finger to a thumb, enabling the wearer to control aspects of staging and lighting.

K.W.E.E.N. received some press attention. Take a look here.

Learn more about my process here.